Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So I really know I am 2 years behind all technology. So I finally got a facebook! Please feel free to give me tips! I am so clueless.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We had a romantic evening for four on Friday for Valentines Day. I had Mike take the girls out and I decorated the table for our heart shaped pizza dinner! It was so cute, they were so excited to come to the "fancy dinner" we frosted cupcakes and had a weekly movie night. I have so many fun memories of Valentines Day when I was a kid.

Love Birds

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tender Mercies!!

Yesterday and Today we had the privileged of having Elder Ballard come to our stake conference! It was the best Valentines date we have ever had. I was so over come by emotion at the adult session. We were sitting on the second row just feet away from him. You just can not help but know that he is a man called of God. To just be near him gave me so much strength and a needed spiritual boost! I couldn't wait to take the girls to feel that spirit too. Only to come home after the adult session to Bella waking up with a 103 fever, and what looked like pink eye! All I could think of was that Mike or I would have to stay home with her and we all couldn't feel that spirit again as a family. All night long I prayed that Bella would be well enough so we could all go. I woke up before her just waiting to see if she would be ok. Sure enough, she woke up happy and healthy with no signs of sickness! I was so grateful! I jumped out of bed and couldn't wait to go. As all Stake Conferences are, it was so crowded and noisy. I just kept thinking please help Kate know that this is a special man and feel the spirit as only a 5 year old can. Towards the end of his talk, Kate leaned over to me and showed me a paper that said I LIKE. (She is just learning how to spell) she wanted to know how to spell Elder Ballard. So I told her how, and she concluded with Love Kate LeBaron. I thought that it was so cute. She then told me she wanted to go give it to him. My first thought was no, there are too many people here and she wouldn't be able see him after. I told her she could maybe mail it to him. She said no mom, I want to give it to him. So reluctantly I told Mike after the meeting to take her up and see if she could get close enough. Next thing I knew she was standing right next to him handing him her letter and shaking his hand. Tears ran down my face as I saw my 5 year old shake an apostle of the Lords hand. She had so much faith that this man she had only seen on TV was someone special. She was beaming from ear to ear and continues to be floating around our house. It was one of those moments as a mother I knew that there was a reason I was there and that Heavenly Father wanted to help me plant that seed into the heart of my child. It was such a precious moment that I will never forget. I am so grateful that prayers are answered in small and simple ways, but make a monumental difference in our lives.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Men are from Mars...

Mom: "Kate when we have a baby don't you think we should have a boy?"
Kate: "Mom, you do realize boys have weird bums don't you?!"
Mom: "Don't I know!"