Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last Days of Kindergarten!!:(

So I had to come to grips that Kate is no longer a baby anymore (I know, its taken almost 6 years). I can't believe that she is going to be in first grade. I can't imagine having her gone ALL day! :( She is such a sweet heart! They did a Hawaiian dance at the dance festival. It was so cute!! I can't believe how fast time passes...

Kindergarten Field Trip to the ZOO!

So much to see and sooo many crazy 5 year olds!! I had so much fun with Kate at the zoo. It was fun to see how she is around her school friends. I've never been so exhausted trying not to loose anyone's kid in the midst of what seemed like a million children... wow I needed the biggest diet coke and nap after!!:)

Meet Roxy

So the dog thing didn't work out so well... don't worry we found him an amazing home!! So we promised the girls that we would get a smaller, less likely to chew everything, poo and pee on the floor kind of pet. SO we settled on a cat... and we are so happy!! Roxy is soooo much easier than any pet we've had (including goldfish)! She is so sweet and so spunky! She is constantly being carried in a baby blanket or stroller. She is so patient with the girls... good thing because they treat her like a baby doll!! She falls asleep in random places. Her favorite... someones lap... especially Mikes:) She loves him. Which is so funny because he wanted nothing to do with a cat (so tough) please, he is like putty! She is so fun! I highly recommend a cat instead of a dog!!! No offense to all you dog lovers!:)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still Alive!!

Seriously so ashamed that is has been so long since I've updated!! Mike had to back up all our pics so we could make room for more and well you all know how long it takes us to do stuff involving any form of technology... So here are some random pics from the past while... going all the way back to Easter...(so pitiful)...
Indoor Easter egg hunt at Aunt Kim's house- cold and rainy again...