Monday, December 15, 2008


So I just decided today to do Christmas cards. Could you all please email me at and give me your addresses! Thanks!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Gingerbread Castles

Count on a house dominated by 3 chicks, to choose princess themed gingerbread houses! This is one of the highlights for me of the preChristmas festivities! There is always more licking than applying, but it makes for some fun memories! I love that my girls are both at the ages where they will start to remember things like this. It makes me feel sad that this is the fifth gingerbread house we've made with her. Where does the time go? I love Christmas! I wish that the next couple weeks could last for months!

Bentley- Before and After...

So when I signed up to get a "puppy" I thought hey how big could it get?... Well our "puppy" is now 6 months old, and is weighing in as of a few weeks ago at 55lbs. The vet is sure he will at least double that before he is full grown... Ya "puppy"! So here are a few updated pics. Despite his size, my girls think he is their horse. Bella is constantly laying all over him. He just lays there. He is soooo good with them. Bella tortures him. Poor dog!


Does anyone have a inflatable donut I can borrow? I finally gave in and went to a spinning class this morning... and all I can say is ouch! My bum was sore before we were even done with the warm-up, padded shorts and all. Everyone keeps saying after a couple of classes you bum develops caulouses, well I'm not so sure if I want my bum to have caulouses, but whatever helps!! I do have to admit that I did like it. Yes mike you were right it was an awesome workout! As a runner, I have not had the best attitude towards road bikers... its just when youve been running for an hour feeling a little tired and slow, when a biker flies by on his bike, I have often thought in my head "get off your bike and do some real cardio..." (not so nice i know) but I have to admit I did really like it and I think I might be getting bit by the biking bug! I just have to figure out how to clip in and out of the pedals without killing myself!!!