Friday, August 29, 2008


Mike and I went to Italy for this years State Farm trip. We went on a Mediterranian cruise. It was a trip of a lifetime. The most ironic part was that it happened to be the same exact ship we went on to Bermuda. The same staff and everything. The funniest part was that a lot of the staff remembered Mike and I. The ship was amazing! Some of our close friends also qualified so that made it extra fun to have them there! We landed in Rome and went straight to the ship, so we didn't get to see much of Rome. Our first port was Sicily.
Sicily- We took a tour to the top of Mt. Etna. An active volcano that happened to errupt the night we left. We could see the lava flow in the dark leaving the port! We brought home some lava rocks and some local strawberry honey (soooo good), and some soaps that are really good for your skin.
Malta- It was amazing. Some of our friends had hired a private tour guide, so we tagged along and got a VIP tour of the city. The city was where some a lot of films are made including The count of Monte Cristo. So we got to ride under the grotto that the treasure seen was filmed in. It was amazing. The water was sooo clear. You could see the sand at the bottom. We also went through ruins that date back to 3100B.C. It was incredible.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
-which was our favorite! It was gorgeous. The whole town looked like a postcard. There was a wall built around the whole city that we walked along. It was sooo hot. It was record setting temps. while we were there. It was like 101 with 100% humidity! We were soaked by the time we were done. So to cool off, we decided to take a dip off some cliffs in the Adriatic Sea! It was totally dark and kind of freaky, but it was so fun. We ate the best food, especially the gelato. I think I gained 8lbs. just because of that!
At Sea-
The first full day at sea just happened to be my birthday! It also happened to be Sunday. We got together with other LDS members and had a testimony meeting. It was amazing! It lasted for 21/2 hours. It brought to life the hymn Master, the Tempests is Raging! Mike reserved the Captains table for our group to sit at for dinner. He had the chef make my favorite dessert from the Bermuda trip just for us. They also brought out a Birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday in Phillipino. It was so sweet!

Pompeii and Sorrento- We docked in Naples which was a yucky city so we took tours to the ruins of Pompeii and the city of Sorrento. It was amazing that the city was completely covered in minutes when Mt. Vesuvius errupted. Because of the gases and ash, it even preserved some of the bodies running to taking cover. The one I have pictured was actually pregnant (you can see her tummy if you look closely) The whole experience was incredible. Definitely a must see! We ate pizza in Sorrento which is the birth place of pizza-it was soooo yummy. That night Mike and his friend TJ rocked karaoke with the funniest version of Bohemian Rhapsody. I almost wet my pants. One of these days I'll figure out how to put it on You Tube!
Florence and Pisa- We drove through some Tuscan countryside to get to Florence. It was amazing, I almost cried! Florence was so crowded. We managed to do some shopping and see a lot of museums and Cathedrals. We didn't have five hours to wait in line to see the actual statue of the David... But we did see the replica outside. I think I saw enough statues of naked men to last a lifetime... You've seen one, you've seen em all! We then went to Pisa. It was crazy to actually be there. It almost didn't seem real. I've seen the tower a million times in text books, but to see it in person was awesome. It was amazing to see just how much it is actually leaning! It doesn't even look real in our pictures. We had to be super careful when we were there, because there was a lot of gypsies. While we were there we got some pastas and of course some olive oil.
Needless to say it was the most amazing trip ever. It was my dream trip! The next time we go there, I want to see the backside of Tuscany and Venice! It was so sad to go home, especially since we had to fly back like 11 hours. We then had to leave for my family reunion the same day we got back. It was crazy! Jet lag and all!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So Dumb!

I just figured out that people can make comments. I had no idea. That is so fun! They really need a class for this blogging thing. I love to read the comments. Now that I know how, I will make comments on everyones blogs. It feels like I get to talk to you all without actually picking up the phone. So fun! Thanks for the comments. Any other blogging things I should know about??

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten... sniff, sniff...

So today I finally feel all grown up, kind of... Kate started Kindergarten! You would think after 2 years of preschool I would have gotten used to the idea of her being in school, but it is a whole different story taking her to the "BIG" school. She just looks like a tiny fish in a really big pond! She on the other hand was totally excited to be going. Once she saw her own cubby and the playground, she didn't look back. The funniest part was on Back to School night last week we were in the lobby of the school with our entire bishopric, Mike (young men pres.), our old bishop and counselors in the young mens presidency, and 3 friends from our ward-we were all just chatting about our kids. Only in Utah Right! So Kate had such a great day. It helps that her teacher resembles a grandma, jumper and all. She is so sweet. I even made cinnamon rolls from scratch, which my Mom made for us ever first day of school ever! So 3 hours later... They were yummy though, if I do say so myself! She thought so too! Well I guess it is officially time for me to grow up. I have a child that has homework, so weird. I feels like I just had homework due like last week! Scary, I hope she doesn't get smarter than me already, I might have to study myself!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Running shoes $130, Tube of GU $2, Running a Half Marathon with my Dad, PRICELESS!

On Saturday I ran the Hobble Creek Half with my Dad. Of all the races I have done, this by far will be my favorite! I felt more satisfaction from this race, not because it was my fastest time, but because I ran it with someone who I look up to more than anyone in the world. My Dad is an amazing example to me of determination and hard work. I was so proud of him. There is nothing more satisfying then trying to push someone who has pushed you to be better and work harder all your life. It felt so rewarding to watch him accomplish something he never thought possible. I found strength in myself I never thought I had. It is amazing what happens mentally and physically when you put your own self aside in an effort to support someone else. I think I cried the last tenth of a mile. I think everyone must have thought I was crazy! I love my Dad so much. It will be a moment I will always remember!

Our Little Boy!

I think we are destined for a house full of females- so we decided to take matters into our own hands and adopt a boy. His name is Bentley and he is a 7 week old black lab! He is sooooo cute! I final gave into the demands of my three children (kate, bella and mike) and we got a dog. Kate has been asking for a dog every day for the past 8 months. I am not kidding. This is what I have heard every day for almost a year "mom, today is a pretty day to get a dog right?" "mom can we get a dog today" "mom, I really want a dog"....... She has not missed a day. Even on vacations. I have been battling that inner "no" mom in me for so long. I finally decided to say "yes"! Well it is a great story, but don't get me wrong, I might as well have had a baby! This past few days we have been doing sleepless nights, feeding schedules and potty schedules. I had no idea they were soooooo much work! It is a good thing he is so cute... I refuse to pick up poop, and when Mike is home, it is HIS baby! So here is the newest member of the LeBaron family. Meet Bentley!

The "other" woman!

If you could marry a bike, lets just say I would have some steep competition! In our master bedroom, you will find typical master bedroom pieces of furniture. Unlike most master bedrooms though, you will also find something that just doesn't seem to belong. Lets just say that Mike's second love (his road bike) rests against the wall on the other side of our bed. I am thinking of building an additional master suite for him and his bike. He has been riding every chance he gets. He just completed an 111 mile ride around Utah lake. He did awesome. Most of the time I don't have a problem with him and his girlfriend... just as long as that girlfriend resembles a road bike!! he he he!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tahoe Family Reunion-08'

We have been going to Lake Tahoe for my family reunion the past couple of years and we are hooked!! We went a few days early to stay with my sister near Sacramento. We visited the new temple there and spent the 4th with them. In Tahoe we rent a cabin that fits my whole family. Each year we pick a spiritual theme and take turns planning it. This years theme was Mosiah 5:15. Being Steadfast and Immovable. Each family picked someone from the BOM that was a good example of this theme and we each did a devotional about it. My sister incorporated being Survivors -Steadfast and Immovable into everything from our Survivor shirts, headbands and even survivor games. We even made family flags that we carried to "tribal council" every night. It was so much fun! Kate is already asking if it is time for next years reunion!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Bella broke her arm last week:( She fell off my parents swing set. It was so sad, her arm was just dangling. Luckily our pediatrician lives next door to my parents, so we ran over there and her took us to his office for a splint and got us right in to get x-rays. She did say "WOW" when the doctor put the pink on. She loves it. It has not slowed her down at all. She is still her crazy self. I little plug for insurance though (State Farm of course), we have a hospital income policy on all of us, so we actually made money from it. The only bright side of the story! She hasn't hit Kate yet... but she has discovered it makes a great banging noise against stuff. Poor thing!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bermuda- March 08'

Mike and I went with my Dad's company on a cruise to Bermuda. We left the girls with my sister. Thanks Kim! We had so much fun. It was a little chilly still though. Don't go to Bermuda in March! We flew in to New York first. It was my first time their. I loved it!

Finally Blogging!!

So I know that this blogging thing is so two years ago but... it took about a year to figure out what a blog was, then another year to figure out how to do it!!! Mike and I are probably the two most unsavvy computer people in the world-it took us 6 months to figure out how to hook up our printer!-Not Kidding. So here I am blogging! We have had a crazy summer. Here is what the LeBaron's have been up to...