Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We took the girls to the Big Island of Hawaii for a week. We had sooo much fun! We went with my parents and two of my sisters and there families. It was the Stampin up trip this year. My girls were the happiest they have ever been. It was so fun to see Hawaii through their eyes. Everything, including little drink umbrellas, was exciting and just so amazing.
Airplane- girls were sooo excited!

Birds in the Lobby- daily stop to see them

Pool fun!

The girls loved the beach! Even the salt water!

The dolphins at the Hotel

Rainbow Falls

Volcano! Notice the Steam in the background!!

Best Buds!

Kayak trip to Captain Cooks island. A pod of dolphins were swimming around us!

Shuttle Boat!

More Dolphins

Snorkeling! Kate loved it!

The gorgeous hotel!

Going Home:( Waiting for the red eye flight! We all look so exhausted!