Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My New Discovery

So for years I have been trying (not very hard) to keep a journal. I have about 3 journal entries for the past year. Not doing so well. My sister told me about It is so awesome. You can add pictures and go back and add entries about things you remember, you can do a profile with lots of fun questions about yourself. It is so great. I was wondering how I was going to keep up in my journal and blog, until I found that you can cut and paste blogging entries right into your journal! So I went back and did that with all my old entries. Now I can kill to birds with one stone and even add more detail or personal info into my journal if I wanted to. It has revolutionized journaling for me! It takes just a few seconds to keep up in a journal! You all probably have journals dating back to birth, but for those of you like me who are journally challenged, this is a great solution!!! Oh and it's free too!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hint Hint....

Kate's Bedtime Prayers:
"Heavenly Father bless us so we can be safe and have fun on our Disney cruise"

Only too bad we are not going on a Disney Cruise. Do you think she is trying to tell us something?...

Trick or Treat!

We had so much fun this year. I decided to forgo the usual handing out candy while Mike took the girls out, and I went with them. Mostly because I did not want to hand out candy. Is that rude? Oh well. This was Bella's first official trick or treat. She loved it. She thought it was so fun to ring the doorbell. I think that would have been enough of a treat for her. She didn't care about the candy. She was a kitty, which is better than what she original wanted to be- a pirate. Luckily she loves cats and it was an easy negotiation. I love Halloween but am all partied out. Thank heavens that there are 365 days in a year!

Kate as Fancy Nancy!

For Halloween this year, Kate dressed up like Fancy Nancy. For all you moms out there who have girls, these are must haves in your library's. They are the cutest books and Kate is in love with them. They are about a little girl who loves to accessorize and use fancy words and she thinks she can speak french. They are so cute and describe our Kate to a "T" Maybe that is why she loves them so much! They sell the dress ups now at Target. She got lots for her B-day & couldn't wait to wear them for Halloween. She had a Halloween parade at school and I helped her with her class party. It was so fun to see her at school. You always wonder what your kids are like at school.