Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Boyfriend!!!!?

"Mom, can I use the computer, I have to text my boyfriend!" Said so matter of factly.
Help... I think I need to home school her. Who knows what else she is learning in Kindergarten. What a day we live in... Texting and Boyfriends at 5!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kate's Quote of the Day!

I picked her up from school today and the first thing out of her mouth was...
"Mom, I figured out where Eden lives, She lives... all the way up, and all the way down..." "So can you take me there?"

Annual Couples Halloween Party!

For the second year in a row, my neighbor Lucy and I did a couples Halloween Party at her house. It is always so hilarious to see what everyone comes up with to wear. I almost like it as much as my kids Halloween parties! Mike and I were supposed to be Dukes of Hazard themed, minus the Daisy Dukes of course! Mike however got a little carried away. All I know is I sent him to look for a cowboy hat, and instead he came home with the hideous Cabelas hat, buck teeth, a mullet wig, and genuine Wranglers. He called me on his way home from Walmart so excited that he bought a pair of jeans, sunglasses and candy for under 30 bucks! I am never taking him shopping with me again, he might use that as the standard! Men.... He got really into character that night and had as in tears. oh did i mention the real (unloaded) pistol he had in his pocket!

Barnyard Boo!

Sara and I took our kids and my brothers kids to the Barnyard Boo at Thanksgiving Point. It was literally a zoo! We took them on over UEA. I think every other Mom in Utah had the same idea. So Sara and I had 3-2 yr olds, 3- 5 yr. olds, an 8 yr old and a 10 yr old. It was crazy but super cute. The best part was the horse rides despite the 45 min. wait. and the face painting despite the 35 min wait...

Front Porch

I luuuuv Halloween. Something about Fall weather, chili & cornbread, cinnamon rolls & hot wassil. It is my favorite time of year. Do you like how that mostly stems around yummy food! This is our front porch all ready for Fall and Halloween!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Marci Gets Married!!

On Thursday Mike's little sister Marci got married. It was such a fun day. There is nothing better than a wedding. They got married in the SLC Temple. It was a beautiful fall day, a little chilly, but so neat. I love the temple. My girls love the temple. Even Bella at 2 begs to go walk around the temple. Kate told Bella, this is Christ the Lord, our King's house. Isn't that cute. They had so much fun passing time until Marci and Will came out. The reception was at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was gorgeous. Kate called it her "Ball" she kept asking if we would be late for the "Ball" (she has seen too many Princess movies.) We had so much fun dancing. We couldn't get the girls off the dance floor. Especially Bella who at 9:00 was still dancing. Kate's 3 yr old cousin Mac has a little crush on Kate. He didn't want anyone else to dance with her. It was so cute! The girls about died when the carriage came to pick them up. I don't think Kate blinked once. She asked me if she could have a carriage at her wedding. I replied, you are never going to get married! It was such a wonderful day. Going to weddings reminds me of our wedding almost 8 years ago! It makes me so grateful to be married to Mike for eternity! I am so grateful for my girls who remind me that the most important day for our family started at the temple!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Broken Heart!

Mom: "Kate, stop teasing Bella and go up to your room and get ready for bed..." Repeated 3 times.
Kate: Nothing... Kept teasing Bella...
Mom: "OK, your consequence for disobeying, is no bedtime story."
Kate: Burst into tears and in her best Oscar nominated performance "Mom, you broke my heart!"

I don't know where she gets the dramatic flare from, it is not like Mike or I are dramatic... :)